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  • Microneedle Length: <0.25mm
  • Material: resin
  • Brand Name: hailicare
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Origin: Mainland China


Remove acne and acne scars: By gently scraping the acne scars with the micro-needle of the mole removal pen, it can promote skin cell metabolism, promote healing, and reduce the appearance of acne scars.

Remove pigmentation: The mole removal pen can easily treat melanin deposition on the skin, and the improvement effect on pigmentation is more significant.

Remove warts and hemorrhoids: The high-frequency vibration of the micro-needle of the mole removal pen can stimulate the fibrous tissue in the body, promote the metabolism of warts and hemorrhoids, and achieve the effect of removal.


Rated voltage:3.7v

Charging parameters:5v/200ma

Maximum power:7.5w

Minimum power:2.5w

Battery capacity:500MAH

Standby current:30UA


How to use

Power on: Long press the ON/OFF button

Disinfection: Use alcohol cotton to disinfect the spots on the skin, and gently rub the tip of the mole marker against the spots on the skin.

Gently wipe off the spots with a cotton swab, disinfect with alcohol cotton, and then apply repair solution for repair


Allergy test before first use: Lightly scrape the pen tip on the arm. If an allergic reaction occurs, stop using immediately.

Disinfection before use: Disinfect the mole removal pen with alcohol or other disinfectant.

Pay attention to the angle and strength when removing moles: The mole removal pen should be perpendicular to the skin, and appropriate force should be applied. Do not wipe back and forth in the same area to avoid injury.

After removing moles, pay attention to care: After use, pay attention to cleaning the skin and avoid using irritating cosmetics on the wound.




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Skin Tag Remover
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